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Aircraft Registration

The Isle of Man International Aircraft Register was established on 1 May 2007.  Since this time the Isle of Man has become a centre of excellence for the registration and management of private and corporate aircraft and is the only dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe, with its 700th aircraft being registered by the Isle of Man aircraft registry by 2014.

In the short space of time of its operation, the Isle of Man aircraft register has established an excellent reputation for providing a friendly, customer orientated service which responds quickly and effectively to registration requests.  Combined with competitive scheme of charges, the Isle of Man aircraft register offers a great advantage over traditional governmental registers.  For more information please contact Lee or Michelle.

Benefits of registration in the Isle of Man

  • Favourable tax regime - 0% corporation tax
  • 0% insurance premium tax (6% in the UK)
  • No Air Passenger Duty on business jets
  • Independent British Register maintaining the benefits of the United Kingdom legislation whilst being more flexible to owner requirements
  • Isle of Man registered aircraft bear prefix "M" - although the Isle of Man register is a sub-register of the UK register, aircraft does not carry the "G" prefix therefore providing political neutrality. The "M" is also a unique prefix followed by four characters which enables owners to personalise the aircraft eg. M-YJET to themselves or their business
  • Isle of Man registry allows an aircraft owner to transfer registration from an aircraft to a new aircraft so a unique registration is maintained
  • Efficient registration process and low registration costs
  • Flexibility in requirements for registered ownership and beneficial ownership can be confidentially maintained
  • Location of aircraft is irrelevant to registration on the Isle of Man and can fly worldwide without restriction
  • Internationally recognised Flight Crew Licences may be validated to fly Isle of Man registered aircraft resulting in significant cost reductions
  • High level of professional and personal service provided by the Registry drawing on an existing body of expertise which has been developed from the Isle of Man's use as a centre for aircraft aviation finance and leasing
  • British time zone and the only European based register dedicated to private and corporate aircraft
  • High regulatory standards
  • Secure mortgage register
  • The Isle of Man maintains Standard and Poor's and Moody's sovereign rating of "AA", demonstrating the high quality of the islands political, legal and regulatory environment

VAT Position

The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom or European Union (EU) however it has a special relationship with the EU whereby it is part of the customs territory of the Union which allows zero rate tax companies to operate with the EU Value Added Tax system and trade freely within the EU.

How can Corporate Options assist?

Corporate Options can provide the following services for aircraft owners in respect of the registration and management of a private or corporate aircraft: