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Services We Offer

Corporate Options offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of forming and operating an Isle of Man company. We provide a wide range of services in respect of the formation and maintenance of Isle of Man companies including:

  • Formation of Isle of Man companies
  • Formation of companies in other offshore jurisdictions
  • Provision of a registered office
  • Registering a non-Manx company on the foreign company register ("F" Registration)
  • Provision of resident company directors including a corporate director
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of a Registered Agent (for 2006 Act companies)
  • Nominee shareholders arrangements
  • Preparation and submission of compulsory documents with authorities, such as annual returns
  • Application for VAT registration and completion and submission of VAT returns
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements
  • Tax preparation and submission of annual tax computations including returns for individuals or corporate entities
  • Payroll facilities
  • Investment, mortgage, pension and insurance advice through Financial Options
  • Isle of Man business relocation through Relocation Options