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Isle of Man Relocation Services & Relocation Options

Corporate Options recognises that due to the significant number of benefits that the Isle of Man provides, many successful people look to move their family and businesses to the island to take advantage of these benefits.  Whilst the positive business and lifestyle perspectives may draw people to its shores, the practical issues relating to a move on an individual, family and business may seem onerous.  Through our three businesses, Corporate Options, Financial Options and Relocation Options, we are able to assist with your relocation and make the move to the Isle of Man less complicated and more relaxing.

Why relocate/establish a business in the Isle of Man?

  • 0% corporation tax on trading profits and 10% for defined regulated business
  • Business friendly government and environment
  • The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development's Financial Assistance Scheme may be able to assist new businesses relocate and to develop on the Island should conditions be met
  • Operation of a VAT system in collaboration with the UK which maintains a special relationship with the EU and which provides access to EU markets for goods
  • Skilled labour force
  • World class telecommunications infrastructure

How can Corporate Options assist in relocating or establishing a business in the Isle of Man?

Corporate Options can provide the following services:

  • Establishment of Isle of Man companies
  • Provide company secretarial and administration services
  • Act as a central point of contact for the business
  • Liaise with the Financial Services Authority in respect of any potential regulatory requirements
  • Liaise with the Department of Economic Development in the application of grants for financial assistance if applicable
  • Provide officers to the company
  • Provide a registered office for the business
  • Assist with setting up a new corporate banking facility for the business
  • Provide guidance in respect of VAT registration and local tax requirements
  • Apply for work permits where appropriate
  • Provide accounting, bookkeeping and payroll functions if necessary
  • Source serviced office facilities

How can Relocation Options assist in relocation for individuals or families?

Relocation Options offers a bespoke relocation service and is able to assist you find the perfect accomodation to suit your requirements, based on information you provide to us.


We offer a spectrum of services individually tailored to your needs, ranging from general advice on your relocation to accompanied property searches.

Through our relocation property specialists, we are able to source a range of properties based on your criteria and by utilising our extensive network of professionals on the Isle of Man, we are able to advise on a number of areas including housing, education and employment.

In addition, through Financial Options, we can assist in securing Isle of Man mortgages, life assurance, health insurance, investment advice and pension advice.  During the relocation our dedicated staff will be able to handle your individual queries and assist with professionalism, friendliness and care.

Having experienced the relocation to the Island personally, we know what individuals and families may encounter and our assistance could help you with your relocation. 

We also have the experience of raising children on the Island and have detailed knowledge of schools, nurseries and clubs.

Through Relocation Options, we will ensure you save considerable time and money by carefully selecting suitable properties based on your questionnaire response.  We will then be able to target specific properties to suit your requirements. 

Contact Us:

For more information please feel free to contact [email protected] or call 00 44 (0)1624 612888.